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Welcome to Heel Sew Quik

Welcome to shoe repair and clothing alteration center, “Heel Sew Quik” in Orlando, Florida. Heel Sew Quik has been in business since 1991..

We Are the Best. Our shop has operated as a steady presence in the FLORIDA MALL for OVER 20 YEARS. In 2008, we won the prestigious “Best Shoe Repair in Orlando, Florida” designation from

For your satisfaction.

Over the last 20 years, our staff has given many people everything that they have needed to meet all their needs in every shape and size. It is our pleasure to help you look and feel fantastic in whatever you are wearing. Just toss your worn-out clothes to us and we will turn them into your favorites!

As you are a new customer, you should go to service page to see our professional services and have detail information.  Thank you!

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